No More Guessing Games: This Is What Investors Are Looking For

If you’ve been looking for ways to finance your business idea for longer than five minutes, then you’ll know there are a hundred different choices available to you. On the one hand, you have fundraising options like bootstrapping, crowdfunding, finding a partner begging your family and friends or robbing a poorly-protected bank. However, if these aren’t viable options for whatever reason, then you know that you’re going to have to attract an investor of some kind. Banker, angel investor, venture capitalist, it doesn’t matter. If you want to squeeze funds out of them then you are going to have to pitch to them, which can be even more terrifying than squaring off with a Silverback Gorilla that's fallen out of the wrong side of the bed. 

That is why your best bet of surviving this intimidating process is to empathise with them. You need to put yourself in the investor’s shoes and think about what they may be looking for in your and your business that will make them say, “sure thing, y…
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